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Heart of Leadership offers events, forums, and resources to help teen girls and women successfully navigate our achievement culture to live their full potential.

Our mission is to help young women develop their natural leadership abilities, navigate the pressures of our “achievement culture”, and work together to impact communities they care about.

Teens + Parents      We offer two programs for teen girls and their parents

Our Speaker Series, offered five times per year, centers on a panel discussion about the real issues teens face as they rise to leadership.  Panelists include their peers, celebrities, Olympians, medical professionals, and other community leaders.

Our half-day workshop called “The Choice” is an opportunity for participants to reflect on how and why they make choices in their daily life and receive tools to help them make future choices that they believe in.


Teens Only     We offer two programs for teen girls on their own

The Retreat is a girls-only summer camp experience.  It is a coming-of-age experiential training in wholehearted leadership.

Our Girls Leadership Circle is an 8-month program and experiential training in wholehearted living and leading.  Girls who participate in the circle receive: public speaking mentoring and experience; entrepreneurial experience; and the opportunity to make a global impact, among other things.


Adults      We offer one program for women leaders

Heart of Leadership Salons are evening events for women who lead in their businesses, homes, and communities. They are opportunities to develop as wholehearted leaders through inspiration, learning, and connecting with other women leaders.


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